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Build Your Kingdom

Avalon Lords is a Kingdom building real time strategy game where your primary goal is to establish your dominion as a rightful King to your people and your subjects. Whether they be friends, or foes. Whether by peaceful means, or by force.

A World That Never Sleeps

Avalon Lords is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game. One of the key features for the game is the fact it has a persistent world. Your Kingdom never goes away and grows daily by your command, or falls with it.

The Orders of Avalon

Order of Dawn

The Order of Dawn follows the values left by the God King Lutherian. Justice, pride, chivalry and wisdom are valued highly in Speran society. These brave and noble people call the lush grasslands of Spero home.

Order of the Divine

Power, personal glory and wealth are the motivations of the Ignis people. Magic runs in their blood and under the Magister Council’s rule they seek to control and dominate all of Avalon. These magical people call the forests of Ignis home.

Order of Darkness

Honor, personal strength, and the glory of the clan possess the most value in Ishgallian society. These huge warriors call the deadly Pertram Mountains home, where the environment is just as eager to kill as the wildlife.


The Art of Avalon


Find out more about what awaits you in Avalon. From desktop wallpapers, concept artwork and screenshots to videos you can find the latest media from Avalon Lords here.



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Welcome to Avalon Lords! We are extremely excited to bring to you the latest update to the main website. There are a lot of new things for you to see! We have prepared a brief guideline on the latest update, so you can head straight to the parts that interest you. So whats new? We…

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Kingdom of Knights Changes Names

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