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Significant Infrastructure Changes

Hello Avalonians! This week we have revamped our infrastructure setup for our web properties. This is in preparation for our upcoming Alpha game release. If you notice any new issues,…

Take a sneak peek at our new cinematics!

Greetings Avalonians! Next week we will be announcing the feature list for our Alpha testing phase. This will give you a better idea of what you can expect from the…

Welcoming Jason, David and Tyler to the Avalon Lords team!

        Hi everyone! I’m an award­-winning director with 11 years of game cinematic and video post-production experience, a strong understanding of narrative visual storytelling, and extensive knowledge…

Avalon Lords is upgrading to Unity 5!

  If you’ve been following this year’s GDC, you’ll know that Unity have unveiled their latest game engine, Unity 5. It offers massively improved graphics and an expanded editor feature…