Creating Your Army

Each faction shares a range of basic units and has their own unique selection of elite units. You can create these units and arrange them into squads of varying size. As you advance your city and add new buildings, you are able to create more advanced units to add to your army. As your city increases in size, the maximum size of your army also increases. Units are housed in garrisons, and the level of the garrison determines the size of your army. Fully leveled cities will be able to create faction-specific super units.

Exploring The World

Once you have created an army, you can explore an expansive 3D map, which will be hidden by fog of war until you explore. The map will increase in size as subsequent expansions that introduce new types of terrain are added. The world of Avalon encompasses a variety of landscapes, including forest, mountains and plains, each with different resources and terrain effects on buildings and combat. Different types of terrain can be traversed at different speeds, allowing you to take fast, direct routes or slow, stealthy ones, and the landscape you choose to fight on can give you advantages or disadvantages in battle. Terrain type also affects the cost of building a city.

Awareness of the world affects almost all gameplay elements, so scouting and gathering intelligence is vital to player strategies.

As you explore, your troops will encounter NPCs, wandering creatures, rare resources, ruins, and other players’ armies. Troops will automatically execute various actions depending on your AI settings and diplomacy status, and they can also be manually controlled.

Sandbox City Building

You can design your cities by placing buildings, defensive structures and cosmetics however you think best. The effectiveness of each building depends on the terrain and its proximity to other buildings and resources, so you will be able to experiment with different city styles in order to optimize efficiency. Cities will need defensive perimeters, watchtowers and units to protect them from invasion. Buildings will be customizable with in-game store bought and player created items, and buildable cosmetics will be available.

Once you have created your first city, you can expand your Kingdom by creating new cities.

Engaging In Battle

Local terrain can be used to your advantage as you plan battle campaigns, hiding in deep forests or using mountain ridges to cut off your enemy's retreat. You can build armies to suit different enemies or terrains, and run battles manually or with AI control. Each battle can be controlled as it plays out in real time, allowing you to change tactics in response to new threats and bring in reinforcements when needed. Battles occur on the actual world map, so be wary of your surroundings, look out for ambushes, and watch for nearby Kingdoms sending their forces into the fray. You can also intercept or ambush armies and supply caravans.

Espionage, Diplomacy and War

Both Kingdoms and Empires can engage in diplomacy with others to broker ceasefires, create trade agreements, ally against enemies, or defend common borders. Empires can also declare war on each other. Empires in a state of war receive incentives for fighting each other. Waging war can involve formal public declarations or quiet, underhanded maneuvering. Spies can infiltrate and commit sabotage, perform counterespionage or just quietly observe.

Forging An Empire

The lifeblood of Avalon Lords is the struggle to dominate the world and win. You can win a server by forming an Empire (guild) that surpasses all others and achieves an endgame victory first. Empire members share vision, get notified of attacks, have in-game chat and can aid each other in battle. Empire leaders will have access to an extensive Empire Management system, which will include in-game calendars, player polls and remote Empire warehouse access. Espionage, psychology and the political metagame will play a central role.

Trade and Logistics

Logistics play a crucial role in Avalon Lords.You can send trade caravans across the map in real time and guard them against attacks from others. You can also build roads to create faster trade routes, and Empires can cooperate to defend these routes. Logistics will play an important part in battle campaigns, as each army will need to be supplied with resources in order to continue their campaigns.

Using The AI To Manage Your Kingdom

Avalon Lords has an advanced evolutionary AI that allows troops to respond to changing situations without needing 24/7 player control or micromanagement. You can either choose to control individual squads in battle, or sit back and let the AI drive. Going beyond the default AI, you can create custom AI behavior sets using a visual interface. Behavior sets can be given to other players or even traded on the in-game marketplace.

Other aspects of kingdom management can also be automated, so you won’t have to drown in micromanagement and daily grind - unless you want to!

Achieving Victory With Your Empire

A winning Empire’s members will work together to complete a complex series of tasks that vary according to server and are integrated with the storyline. They will involve building shared structures that must be defended, collecting and hoarding items, and controlling points on the map. World domination will be a tough challenge that takes at least six months and will require players to outmaneuver all other Empires, but that triumph will be truly worth celebrating.

Most servers will be generated with new terrain and several complex, competing end game victory conditions. When server victory has been achieved, successful players will receive exclusive cosmetic in-game rewards to carry with them to new servers, and their Empire’s victory will be written into the history of Avalon.

We will run at least one social server with no endgame scenario for those who just want to relax and build, in which players’ cities are protected from destruction.

The World Of Avalon

Avalon Lords is a game with richly imagined history and lore. The story is set in a grim, dark world, two hundred years after the fall of a great empire. Players are tasked with the challenge of bringing order to this once-great land, forming empires of their own and fighting to control the realm. Those who succeed will become part of Avalon’s history. A detailed backstory supports the game's factions, with each of the three Great Orders’ cultures being distinctly different. This difference is reflected in the Elite Units available to each Great Order and in our gorgeous concept art. We’ll be focusing on the Order of Dawn for initial testing and release, and introducing the Orders of Darkness and Divine with their own territories later in the development timeline.